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Marketing and Customized Shirts

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Customized shirts are a great way to market your small business. There are many reason for this but, the biggest is the return on investment. Customized shirts stay around along time. Many of your customers, prospects and fans will wear shirts thy received or bought from you for a long time to come.

Fundraisers are another great way for a small business to use customized shirts. If a pizza place can give up part of their take to help local charitable organizations then you as a small business can sell your branded or customized shirts and give up part of the profits to the charity, but especially if members of the charity are you potential customers . Or you may want to give them the shirts just for the promotional value; again, if members of the charity are a potential users of your products or services!

Here’s what Janein of had to say…

Customized Shirts and Marketing

Business owners should keep in mind that customized shirts are a long term marketing approach. Unlike a television spot or radio ad that lasts just a few seconds, a shirt is something that can last for years. Even after the company stops making the shirts, it will still be a form of advertising that is valuable.

A Long Lasting Approach
Coming up with ways to set your business apart from others can be difficult, but creating customized shirts is a great way to do it. With unlimited options to choose from, every business will surely have a chance of standing out and gain new customers.
…via The Benefits Of Customized T Shirts For Your Business | L8tr

We agree with Janein, putting customized shirts to work in your advertising and marketing game plan is just smart business period. As always, we hope you found this post valuable and  we hope we were able to make our point about the use of customized shirts, after it’s what we specialize in!

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Rodney has been in marketing and sales for over 30 years. He has an in depth understanding of marketing and is extremely creative in helping small business owners fill in the gaps of the marketing game plans. He has been an independent account representative with data graphics since June of this year.

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