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Screen Printing – The Perfect Solution For Your Custom Apparel Needs

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Screen Printing is sometimes seen as a lost art within the printing industry, but is alive and well at DataGraphics Printing. We offer a wide variety of options for your screen printing needs.

Screen Printing is still a valuable option for your apparel print jobs.

As Nessan Cleary noted in a recent article on Screen vs Digital printing:

As screen printers are pushed by innovations from digital inkjet printers and manufacturers, we sum-up the pros and cons of these two very different methods.

When it comes to printing sign and display graphics there’s a basic choice between two print technologies, screen printing and inkjet. And while the digital option has clearly become the dominant technology today, there’s still plenty of life in screen printing with Fujifilm, for example, reporting inks sales at roughly 50-50 between screen print and digital. So it would seem that each technology has its own advantages, depending on the applications in hand.

…via Screen vs Digital – the print debate continues – FESPA

Wman-303968_1280hen you choose DataGraphics for your screen printing needs, we offer tools to customize a design perfectly suited to your needs. Choose from one of our pre-made, customizable designs or create your own from scratch in our online design studio. We also have a talented staff that can help with your design.

Next, choose the product you want to screen print on. We have a large selection of tshirts of all sizes and colors, hoodies, athletic wear,etc. to choose from. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask.

But why screen printing instead of digital, you may still be asking. There are several advantages of screen printing, but the same article gives a great example:

But screen printing allows for a greater range of effects, from hard and soft finishes, and for deeper ridges, which are better suited for Braille effects. That said, it’s becoming increasingly common for inkjet printers to include a clear ink or varnish that can also produce tactile effects but this is not as pronounced as with screen printing because the inks are laid down in a thinner layer….via Screen vs Digital – the print debate continues – FESPA

So, if you are ready to put together your new screen printing order for your organization, business or just for yourself, call us today at 417-319-4833.


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