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Start-up Business Marketing Promotional Ideas

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Promotional Ideas JoplinOkay, it is our sincere desire to support our local business community. We are members of the chamber of commerce and support many local charities as well. All this to say we love sharing promotional ideas for start-up businesses! We desire to aide and support local business leaders who are working in a start-up businesses.

So, we stumbled across a blog post written by They proposed 5 unusual marketing promotional ideas for a start-up businesses. All of these suggestion are great ideas, but the one that stuck for us because it is smack in the middle of our core competencies. Here is what they proposed that stood out to us…

Unusual marketing promotional ideas

This doesn’t mean just blogging or being active on social media – which you should be doing anyways. It literally means to be everywhere. You want to be that brand that people notice when they’re walking down the streets.Even if they don’t know what your startup does, they’ll recognize your name.

Some examples would be commissioning a mural on building and covering the streets with chalk, paint or displays. You could also make-up bumper stickers and t-shirts and give them to employees or as freebies at events. They may not be the most unusual, but a creative shirt not only lets people have the chance to be different, it will make others want to jump on board – think Zaarly shirts floating around the Bay Area. In short, don’t be invisible. Get your name out there as much as possible.

…via 5 Unusual Marketing Ideas For Startups | xBlog.

We’ve been preaching to businesses for a long time about using smart promotional ideas. For example, logoed drink-ware, pens, magnetic business cards as pontential ‘be everywhere’ marketing strategies. Recently we have added a new segment of ‘be everywhere’ marketing to our product offerings. We now offer things like custom t-shirts and apparel; so, you can carry your businesses moniker into your local community via more long lasting promotional ideas. So, the next time  you need a bumper sticker, t-shirt, wide format banner or any other ‘be everywhere’ business product, remember DataGraphics Printing.

In fact, we are in the process of putting together some business start-up print and ‘be everywhere’ ad packages so, stay tuned!


Rodney Noran (44 Posts)

Rodney has been in marketing and sales for over 30 years. He has an in depth understanding of marketing and is extremely creative in helping small business owners fill in the gaps of the marketing game plans. He has been an independent account representative with data graphics since June of this year.

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