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Professional Business Cards And Titles?

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What do professional business cards look like? This is a great question. We believe professional business cards for any business is a part of the first impression your prospective customer gets of you and your company. First impressions are everything. We, human beings, make a lot of decisions quickly about those we may or may not do business with in the future and a lot of the decision make process is packed in the very first meeting.

Professional Business CardsUnfortunately, a lot of small business owners do not know the elements of a professional business card. So, we thought we’d approach this topic in this post. A key element of the business card is in the title, we found a great read on this topic. In this post you’ll hear from Ralph Rivera of Web Search Social concerning professional business cards and titles…

Professional Business Cards & Titles

Here are a few closing thoughts related to your business card as a marketing tool.

Consider dispensing with the title. You want your customers to feel that you’re going to give them value regardless of their need. If there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your customer then there may not be a need for a title.

Dispense with the QR codes. QR codes are those funny little graphics that printers and designers love to put on business cards that can be scanned by a smart phone. Practically speaking, people rarely scan them. If you decide to dedicate real estate on your card to a QR code make sure it’s big enough to be scanned and that the resulting content is mobile friendly.

Provide contact information that’s meaningful. If you print your land line on your card, but you’re never at your desk, then you’ve given your customer or potential customer bad information.

Your name is important. Ok, so this is a pet peeve of mine. If you go by “John,” why would you print “Jonathan” on your business card? That makes no sense to me at all. I understand that sometimes people want to be formal, but having to correct someone when they say your name is an unnecessary bump in the road. And from a purely conversational standpoint, people don’t like to be corrected.

Proofread your card before it goes to a printer. I don’t mean let someone else proofread it. When you hand someone a card with a typo, it’ll reflect on you regardless of who made the typo. I was recently handed a card by a senior level employee at Univision that had a typo. For a company that generates 2.4 billion dollars in annual revenue, that’s entirely unacceptable.

I know they cost money, but there’s no good reason to keep handing out business cards that are outdated. If your card has an old logo, get rid of it. If you have to cross out the phone number and write the correct one with a pen, get rid of it. If this is you, go get all of your remaining cards and throw them out.

…via Business Card Marketing: Titles Don’t Matter Except When They Do

We agree with Ralph, professional business cards & titles only matter when they matter all else is ego. After all business is all about the customer and meeting their needs. If this is true, then the only real title is “Customer Service”; in fact, perhaps this should be the title on every member of your team.


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