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The Right Color for Your New Business Logo

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We stumbled across an interesting article speaking to the issue of the use of color in your logo design. The author Kathleen Booth really demonstrated how the color of your logo can be powerful in the positioning of your company’s brand in the marketplace. In fact, in the quote below she states knowing your demogrphic is an important aspect of picking colors for your logo…

Visual perception is the primary method human beings use to experience the world, and the effect of color on both emotion and memory has been widely studied and accepted for years. As you plan your new business logo, spend some time thinking about the adjectives you want people to think of when they think about your brand. Then pick a color (or colors) known to have those effects on people.

For example, everybody knows that UPS’s main color is brown. Why did they pick this color? Simple, the standard psychological response to the color brown is comfort, endurance and reliability.


Know Your Demographic

One of the biggest things to remember is to research your demographic. Color can have very different meanings throughout the world, often resulting in contradictory reactions. Take white, for example. In Western culture, the color white signifies virginity and purity, but in many Eastern cultures white is often the representation of death.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your New Business Logo – Blog

As an example, our logo has maroon in it; which is a variation of red. According to Kathleen’s article Red represents speed, excitement or fast action! This represents us well, we are about delivering our products in a fast and proficient way… So, the red in our logo expresses our intent to be speedy;-)

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