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Envelope Sizes Are An Important Part Of Planning Your Project

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Envelope Sizes may not be the first thing you think about when you begin a mailing project. In fact, it very well may be the last. But that could be a major problem. It would be a catastrophe if you were to finish a project and get ready to mail it, just to find that there is no option available for envelopes.

 envelope sizes

Choosing the right envelope sizes are important! gives several good tips on the importance of advanced preparation when looking at envelope sizes:
  • Think envelopes at the start. If your project is going to mail, consider the envelope at the BEGINNING of your project. Too often, the envelope is an afterthought with disappointing results. Research the envelope sizes and design your brochure to fit the envelope. Don’t design your inside pieces first and then scramble to find an envelope to fit your brochure.
  • Availability. Find out if the paper is available in envelopes. Don’t assume every paper is available in an envelope…
  • Minimums. Find out how the envelopes are packaged and the minimums you must purchase. Envelopes are packaged in boxes and then put into cartons…
  • Delivery time. Just because a swatchbook lists the paper envelope offering doesn’t mean the envelope is already made and ready to ship…

……via Mohawk Envelope Reference Poster + 5 Envelope Tips | – Field Paper

DataGraphics Printing can supply all your envelope needs. Envelopes can send a variety of materials.  Many envelope sizes are available, including custom sizes. Also, we have a variety of paper colors, coatings, etc. Your image or text can be printed anywhere on the envelope, as long as there is room for addressing and postage.

So, before you even begin your project, why not take the time to determine your envelope sizes first? Call today and let one of our team members assist you – 417-319-4833.



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