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Printed Brochures and Marketing

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Printed brochures are a valuable marketing medium. First off, they’re tangible and affordable; thus, making them most small business owner’s swiss army knife. Yes, if you have a good copy writer they can cut to the quick and provide all the information a client needs to assure themselves your core competencies are ideal for they’re need. Of course, you website address sited in your brochure can confirm they’re interest.

Here’s a great tid-bit about this very issue from Danny of Positive Images UK and here’s what he had to say,

Printed Brochures

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Printed Brochures and Marketing

Any savvy marketer will tell you the importance of brand awareness for a successful business. If a potential customer doesn’t know who you are then when they require our product or service, they don’t think about you.  Brochures can be a form or direct marketing, blanket advertising or even re-marketing depending on how they’re distributed, but in any instance they still aid in increasing brand awareness….via Winning Business with Printed Brochures and Flyers | Positive

Printed brochures are a fantastic tool to use in your direct marketing efforts. A professional brochure contains enough space to spell out the basics to prospective customer and provide them with information about where and how they can learn more. So, you should have a brochure in your marketing arsenal and don’t forget to use technology to your advantage! You can refer to a post I wrote last week to learn a little bit about integrating technology into your marketing campaigns.

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