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Have you considered using a rack card in your marketing? They’re great! I like them better than a printing brochure. Why? Great Rack Card Marketingquestion, primarily because they tend to be more durable. They’re usually thicker, which means when your sales people throw them in the back seat of their car they’ll most likely still be usable.

There’s more though! Because you don’t have three panels to put copy on they make you get to the point and be more succinct. They’re a great piece to use as a sales person. They help you remember all the points you need to cover in the sales call while being easily carried in your coat pocket.

Rack Card Marketing Can Be Valuable

However, there are some things you need to consider while developing and using your rack card…

When you are contemplating rack cards, you should first understand if your industry will work well with a rack card. Rack cards are most beneficial for companies that are running hotels, restaurants, events, water parks, golf courses, museums, or any other attraction. If your business falls into this category, you may want to start printing rack cards. A rack card is a pamphlet or brochure looking print job that sits in a rack. This rectangular piece of paper is often picked up by people in hotels that are looking for activities to do while they are in Brookhaven. If your business is worth marketing in the rack card section, take the time to do it well.

Know the Audience

When you are going to start advertising in the rack card section, you want to make sure that you know who you are marketing to. You should take the time to learn all that you can about the different companies that are going to pick up your rack card and use it.

…via Benefits of Using Rack Cards – Franchising Daily- News, Updates

Franchise Daily’s article is spot on concerning knowing the who or your marketing. If I ask you who your ideal client is and you say, “If they can fog a mirror, they’re my client.” We’ll be having two day seminar about how wrong you are concerning who you consider to be your ideal client. Hint: It is not everyone!

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