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Brand Awareness - Business Cards

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Marc Trevino with “DM Marketing with Marc” wrote a sound article on the importance of Brand Awareness. In his article he poses an great question, “If your brand isn’t making noise in the marketplace does it really exist?” This is something every business owner should be aware of, how long has it been since you stop to hear your brand message? Marc has a central point to his message, but the part which struck me the hardest is his two side approach…

Brand Awareness Tip…

To further expand on creating a personal bond between your brand and your consumer, it’s best to follow a two sided approach: customer service and a personal connection. If it’s done correctly, both of these methods can be achieved together and can certainly go hand-in-hand. When dealing with a potential consumer, the manner in which you approach your relationship can speak volumes. Always speak to the consumer the way they need to hear the information and not the way you wish to say it. Every consumer will have a different level of education on their industry and marketing principles, so do the research on what they need specifically and share the information with them in an easily digestible manner. Dedicate yourself to making the consumers’ needs your priority and you will undouble gain trust of the customer and increase the presence of your brand….via processing presence: why is brand awareness important? – IIDA

Yes, indeed dedicate yourself to meeting your consumer where they are! Never, never, never try to meet them where you think they should be. You should rather meet them where they are and lead them to where they need to be to best protect their interest, agree? This is the philosophy here at DataGraphics Printing! Our goal is to provide you with what you nee where you are to succeed. Then provide education, consultation and ideas which can take you to the place your desire to be and beyond if possible. We invite you to register for our monthly newletter which provide sound advice in multiple business areas…


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