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The Power of Color In Your Corporate Logo Design

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Do you have an attractive corporate logo design? Owning your own business is an exciting and productive time. You have everything a good company needs: an excellent product or service, the company name, and exemplary customer service. So what could possibly be missing? Your corporate logo design may be the problem.

Corporate Logo Design - DatagraphicsHaving a corporate logo design that is a true representation of your company is vital.


Sure you have a great name and slogan, but unless you have a striking logo to go along with it, your efforts at being remembered could be lost. The reason for this is humans experience the world primarily through visual perception. In fact, as states,

A service without a brand or logo is just like a person without a name. Even though the person is talented, it is the name what matters because it is the reason of recognition. In the same way, it doesn’t matter how good the company is, but if it doesn’t have a proper logo, or brand design, it is not complete….via How catchy logo enhances your corporate identity | Suffescom

Just like an icon can identify who you are as a corporation your logo’s color can play a huge part in emulation of your identity, because it can trigger many different emotions and memory. So, be sure to do some research and choose your corporate logo design colors wisely. Sarah Matisita of states,

When creating your logo, it is important to decide what adjectives you want people to associate with your company. one of the main purposes of a logo is to get across a great deal of information about your brand as quickly as possible….

Among other great tidbits about logo design and history, the graphic offers great insights about the impact of colors. For example:

Red conveys passion, emotion, and aggression.
Green conveys calm, peace, and hope.
Purple conveys glamour, power, and romance.
Black conveys boldness, seriousness, and luxury.

via Choosing The Right Color For Your Small Business Logo  – Webs

As an example, AT&T’s logo is primarily blue. Blue is known to evoke communication, trust, and efficiency.

Isn’t it time to develop a corporate logo design that clearly lets people know who you are and draws attention? If so, we would love the opportunity to help you.


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