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Cut Down on How Often You Check Your Email

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Email - HandlingSometimes you must check your email because you are waiting for something special to come in. That makes sense. But too many people have grown accustomed to checking their email all day long. This is not efficient. It robs them of taking at least a 30-minute chunk of time to do some quality work. This quality work includes the things that take full concentration (such as a surgeon when s/he is doing heart surgery).

Don’t Allow Email Interruptions

That means not allowing any interruptions. If the phone rings– let it go to voice-mail. (That’s assuming someone else can take your calls for a while.) If an email comes in– ignore it. After all, if you would have gone on a quick errand you would not have been in your office to take a call or check the email, so why do you feel you can’t take a 30-minute chunk of time for this important appointment with yourself to do a quality work project.

Time ManagementMore and more executives lack focus, so having to check email 24/7 is not helping them. They end up not producing what could be their very best work—the kind that gets their business the best results. In my book Perfect TIMING, I offer tips to help you gain two additional hours each day. Tips like the one above are an example of what you can do to produce better results for your organization.

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