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Time Management A Must For Everyone Living!

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“Time management”, a term that is dear to every busy executive! We must manage and maximize our time or we will rob everyone in our life, period. There are no excuses which work here. Time management is the one thing we all must dedicate ourselves to excellence. If we do not our business, customers, vendors, employees and most importantly our family suffer.

Since, time management is so important why isn’t it a requirement for graduation from school? Good question! Kate kosturski, has a great time management hack. She recommends you priortize your to do list. Now, I bet some of you have a to do list and some don’t. I really think most people fly by the seat of their pants. However, if you do have a to do list then listen to what Kate has to say,

List out the tasks you have to do in a certain time period (hour, day, week, etc.).   For the purposes of this example, let’s say you have five tasks to be done in a given workday:

A.  Finish job application

B.  Work on INALJ Blog Post

C.  Research conference speaking opportunities

D.  Clean the bathroom

E.  Update LinkedIn Page

Then, compare each task to the others, and assign it a number between 1 and 5 (or whatever number of tasks you have on your list.)  So here, I will compare “Finish job application” to “Work on INALJ blog post”, and assign it a ranking, based on what I know about that task (i.e. deadlines, flexibility on getting it done, etc.)   It may turn out that the job application is due before the blog post, so I assign that a “1” and the blog post a “2.”  Then I compare “Finish job application” to “research conference speaking opportunities” and assign the same.   After you finish comparing your first task (Task A) to the others, then you do the same with Task B to the ones below it (C, D, E), and so on until you get to the last task in the list.  The task with the largest number of highest rankings (number 1’s) is the one that gets done first.

…via Easy Tips for Time Management – er, Maximizing Your Productivity

First, if you don’t have a to do list, ‘MAKE ONE’! Seriously! Secondly, once you make one or if you already have one follow Kate’s lead and priortize your to do list and take action now! If you don’t you’re family is the biggest looser, that’s how important it is you take action, now.

I found a great app concerning time management and to do list at iTunes. This app is based on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” series. If you haven’t discovered David Allen yet, it’s time you did. Here’s a links to David Allen and the cool and most niffty app I found, enjoy!


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