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Advertising Specialties Like Logo Branded Products Are Extremely Cost Effective Advertising!

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Advertising specialties, what can they be used to foster? They can promote customer goodwill and retention, build traffic at trade shows, improve public relations at events, generate new customers, introduce new products, promote customer referrals and market research campaigns.All these, plus more, .

You may nalready know, but advertising specialties refers to a range of items beyond just “products” like cups, mugs and pens. It also encompasses embroidered clothing and branded merchandise, and refers directly to what the purpose of the products is: to “advertise” a company’s logo and brand. In business terms, they “advertise.” “Promotional products” works, but the term is a bit limiting. Concert marketers do “promoting,” while branded merchandise “advertises.”

advertising specialtiesBrand awareness is the most common use for promotional and advertising specialties. Other uses include lead generation, distributor and dealer marketing programs, new products, safety education, marketing research, employee

These promo items can be given as free gifts with the name of the company imprinted on them. This is oftentimes called advertising specialties where the products are given as incentives for a particular task or may serve as tokens of gratitude for the customers. Plus, you’ll see them given as awards, and integrated into non profit programs.

Advertising Specialties

Promotional products, sometime called advertising specialties, is a solution that has been around for over 200 years. The industry can be traced to commemorative buttons issued in honor of George Washington’s inauguration. They really are a great part of our society. Entrepreneurs have used them for a long time to promote their products and service most affordably. They love them because they’re held on to almost forever, especially those which are wearable!


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