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Promotional Calendars 2015

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Stumbled across the perfect article for our upcoming 3 part series on promotional calendars 2015! Yes, it’s that time of year, now is the time to start thinking about a print calendar for your customer base. First, everyone has at least one calendar! Promotional Calendars 2015 have multiple uses, obvious is to remind us of the current date, but more Promotional Calendars 2015than that… Consumers tend to write their personal upcoming life events on the very calendars that hang on their wall all year long. Hanging on your customers wall all year long is a great place to be, don’t you agree?

Promotional Calendars 2015

Custom promotional calendars 2015 are the right thing for you; if, you run a seasonal business or if there are definitive events that your clientele can benefit from knowing in advance. The biggest plus? Top of mind awareness! Everyday your client will see your brand and be reminded of the great value you bring their way. So, let’s get started planning your next promotional calendar!

So, how should you approach your promotional calendars 2015 design and layout? This is a great and very important question. Here’s an excerpt and a great article from on using a promotional calendars in your marketing strategy…

We encountered some real gems – and some real head scratchers. In an example of the latter, we’ve learned that 3 October is Virus Appreciation Day. That’s right, as in viruses, like, you know, influenza and ebola. Yikes!

Well, let’s rephrase that. No one is quite sure whether Virus Appreciation Day is meant to in some way celebrate biological viruses or computer viruses. In either case, we’re not taking too much stock in this October calendar event (though some clever promotions do come to mind if you happen to be in either the hand sanitizer or computer repair business).

…via October 2014 Promotional Calendar Ideas –

It is important to be creative. You should get your team together and begin brainstorming creative, fun and humorous events during the year that poke and remind your customer of a frustration they have for which, you bring a solid solution. In doing so, you provide opportunity for add-on purchases from your already loyal customer base. Done right, your custom promotional calendar is one of the most effective and best returns on investment possible.

Don’t know or aren’t exactly sure what your customers greatest frustration is?? Ask them! gives you a great concept for doing this…

Okay, Moment of Frustration Day is one that presents a few cool opportunities for you. Of course, your unique selling position involves resolving your customers’ headaches, so this is a calendar event that addresses just that.

We see this day as a real conversation starter. Ask your social media followers to share a frustrating story that relates to your business. For example, if your business is human resources recruitment services, you might ask your audience about the hardest part of finding the right employees. The answers you receive will not only get people talking about your business, but they may just present follow up opportunities that can lead to sales.

This exercise has the added benefit of serving as an informal survey of your target market, which can reveal valuable insights to help you better position your offers going forward. Simply asking your customers to “vent” may just present you with opportunities to profit, and there’s no better day for it than Moment of Frustration Day.

…via October 2014 Promotional Calendar Ideas –

Get started today planning your next promotional calendar. This article covered the why and how, our next article will speak to the design and layout process. Here we’ll give you some insider secrets to make this much more effective, plus we’ll give you some ideas in the third article in this series as to how you might crank-up the results by integrating technology! Until next time we wish you a great day!

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