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Promotional Products Work!

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Promotional products have been proven to work! You should consider a good mix of promotional products in your marketing mix. Our infographic below really expounds on the why of promotional product marketing. The stats are convincing to say the least.  When you say, eight out of ten people own a promotional product you’re really making a profound statement.

So, when is the last time you actually structured a promotional product campaign into your marketing mix. You can boost the results of almost any parallel campaigns you are promoting with promotional products. In fact, you can use promotional products to drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar business by using them as giveaways to say the first 20 customers during any sales event you are advertising. Just add the offer to your advertising and boom a more successful campaign as people show up to get your branded freebies. You get two bonuses, first an excited customer and secondly your brand stays top of mind on a regular basis as they enjoy your promotional giveaway.

The best part of a promotional product campaign is they are extremely affordable. They average just six cents per impression. Six cents to maintain top of mind awareness during any buying cycle is good, don’t you agree? Just think as they use the promotional product you provided they see your brand and offer again and again. Zig Ziglar, noted sales guru, says there are seven no’s to each yes. In other words, you really need to ask or have your prospects see your offer a minimum of seven times for your advertising to reach its full potential.

Promotional Products & Giveaways

Promotional Products

The links at the bottom of the graphic provide the statistical resources we used to present our promotional product infographic. We hope you have enjoyed and found the data concerning promotional products to be useful.

Rodney Noran (44 Posts)

Rodney has been in marketing and sales for over 30 years. He has an in depth understanding of marketing and is extremely creative in helping small business owners fill in the gaps of the marketing game plans. He has been an independent account representative with data graphics since June of this year.

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