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Raise Awareness Use Custom Stickers

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One of the best ways to promote your business or cause would be, custom stickers. One such campaign was recently launched to increase breast cancer awareness. The campaign consisted of printed stickers and temporary tattoos with their battle cry on the custom stickers. You, as a small business, could benefit from tattoos and custom stickers as well.

Use Custom Stickers for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Custom StickersLet’s say your a home services company (plumbing company, heat and air repairman, etc.) and you’re looking for a way to keep top of mind awareness of your brand with your customers. Then you should consider a custom sticker or magnet for the refrigerator. You might even throw in temporary tattoos for the kids to complete your ideal campaign. Can you see where these product could help you stay top of mind.

The cool thing about temporary tattoos are you turn your client’s children into advocates for your company. When mom and dad start talking about needing a plumber or heat air repairman the kids will proclaim loudly, “Call the guy that gives tattoos”. Yes, kids do this kind of thing!

It’s not hard to get creative in your custom sticker campaign. We stumbled across a great article containing some good information about the use of custom stickers…

Stickers represent some of the most affordable and versatile marketing tools on the planet. Being both cost-effective and versatile means they’re perfect for “surprise and delight” marketing; that is, marketing in unexpected areas to the delight of potential customers. When your stickers are placed in surprising places, customers are far more likely to commit your brand and your message to memory. Thus, they’re also more likely to respond to your sticker marketing efforts. The following lists 10 unique places you can market with stickers….via 10 Unique Places to Market With Stickers – Business 2 Community

So, start thinking about how you might use custom stickers, magnets and tattoos in your next brand awareness marketing campaign. You’ll discover how amazingly affordable and effective custom stickers and temporary tattoos can be.

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